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October 30, 2009

My Experience with the Detroit Lair of Pick up Artists

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So I went to a meeting of the Detroit Lair of pick up artists (PUA’S).  This was interesting.  Actually alot of the guys were pretty cool.  This stuff is serious.  These people are serious.  Alot of the meeting was guys going around talking about what their sticking points in the game are (areas of difficulty) and the more experienced guys give tips.

At one point, one of the guys, who in life is a high school football coach, got up went over to the marker board, and with X’s and arrows (just like in the locker room) illustrated how not to get amog’d by your wingman in a seated two set.  At that moment, time seemed to slow down for me and I thought, is this actually real?  It gave me an idea for a scene in a movie.

Afterward, alot of the guys wanted to go out “sarging”.  There were 30 of us at this meeting wo we’d have to break up into groups of three or four.  I freaked out, went back to my neighborhood and drank at my local bar.

My “game” has a long way to go.

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