The Integrated Man

August 20, 2010

A Real Woman

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…in love with you CARES deeply about you and is sincerely respectful to what it’s like for you to be with her. It matters to her that she does not hurt your heart, that she is nice to you; she wants you to feel rewarded for finding her. A REAL WOMAN in love chooses to be accountable for how her behavior affects you. A REAL WOMAN in love is one that makes the choice to BE this woman.

As a man, you want to feel like your woman has selected only you as HER SPECIAL MAN to love, chosen only YOU, picked only YOU to have sex with, to need, be proud of and has PICKED only you to flirt with. You want a woman that wants to have sex with you but knows that her power source is not her sexuality. You want a woman that chooses not to put herself in a position to be approached by other men, and has nothing to hide about her life. You want a woman that is NICE to you, that CARES if she hurts you even if it was not intentional. If you’ve been hurt, you want your woman to ask you to FORGIVE her so that you can. You want a woman to share why certain things hurt her without being abusive about it. You want a woman that is quick to forgive, that does not try to hurt you when you have hurt her by accident. You want a woman that doesn’t even think about criticizing you to others, a woman that cares more about your feelings than her co-workers or friends. You want a woman that is respectful and loyal to you for richer or poorer, especially when it is the hardest to be so (if loyalty and respect were easy to give it wouldn’t be so valuable).

A REAL WOMAN is recognized because she will only allow herself to be with a REAL MAN that behaves this way with her.

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