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May 28, 2009

How to be an alpha male

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After the divorce I scoured the internet for answers to my ailments.  Dating, pick-up you name it.  There was alot of stuff about the evils wrought upon us by feminism and the femininastion of men.  Just meet my friend George to find out about that one.  Anyway I found alot of stuff about being a strong man and it’s changing my life.  I will update constantly with new stuff in this regard.  Right now I have to go pray for money.

May 27, 2009

Prayer for Money

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God, all knowing universe, et al.

I give it up to you – I ask for abundance in my life – particularly financial abundance – a feeling of more than enough in ever increasing flow.  In the past I have pinched myself off from abundance and it has cost me terribly.  It has cost me status, my self esteem, and even my marriage.  I am opening myself up to receive – I ask you to rain your gifts upon me.


May 26, 2009

My ex-wife gets hers

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I suppose I should gloat.  The day I used to talk about has arrived.  My ex-wife is beginning to regret leaving.  She understands now how important marriage is to her and what she did to me.  It’s a little late for all this.  Suprisingly too, it’s a little hard to hear.  You see, I still love my ex-wife.  I never stopped loving her.  The thought of her getting this right one day with someone else is sickening.  I also think about her coming back to me and asking for another chance and would I be willing to take that risk. 

I think it is a distinct possiblity that I will have that choice to make one day.

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